[Extension] Sequencer > Select Strip Handles

This extension for the Sequencer adds two menu items in the Strip menu.
It allows you to select handles of all selected strips.

   - Install the Extension by copying its .py file to your Blender addons folder.
   - Enable the Extension in User Preferences > Addons > Sequencer.
   - The functionality can then be accessed on VSE via Strip menu.

(Download link under the “Attachments” tab)http://misc.cgcookie.netdna-cdn.com//pencil.png

If you could do a compound selection and change then you would have a slip/trim edit. That is grab both ends of a strip AND update the value of the Start frame (place on time line) as Start frame-offset. Thus the strip would remain stationary while the contents slides around inside. It leaves the length of the strip the same but updates the source in point.