extensions .blend1, blend2, blend3, etc

Hi all,

I am new to blender but i do have some background with maya. I downloaded the “Elephant Dreams project” files from the blender. I have noticed that the different files display different extensions. You’ve got extensions like .blend, .blend1…blend5.

Does this mean Blender has different file extensions?

Thank you
PS: Unfortunatly the ED files, as given freely on the website, don’t come with comments nor tutorials. I wonder if there is any difference with the DVD version, i mean does the DVD version come with comments and tutorials? Thanks a lot for your helps

.blend1 etc. are backup files created by Blender. You can open them as normal .blend files.

You can set backup interval at Blender’s settings in case you want to use backups.

I don’t think that there are ED related tutorials available. In my opinion it’s great that even the material is there. To find tutorials, take a look at Blender’s wiki (wiki.blender.org).


The different file extensions you are seeing are backup files. In the user preferences window, auto save tab, you can tell blender how many copies of the same file to keep, saving them every X number of minutes.

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thank you guys