exterior-1-visitor centre





Looking good, :smiley:

What are you planning to use this for? Just a render? Or like a walkthrough or something?

Also i’m not sure what that thing in the right background is, with the red top?

I like it anyway, :rolleyes: Nice work!

here are some updates…

thx Paraphrenia
that is a statue in the right background (with red logo on d top) - existing in the field.


like. nice sky and background, also. I’d darken those mountains, though.

finishing touch…


I like this a lot, but there are a few things I’d like to point out.

1 The red car seems way out of scale. It looks too big.

2 The cement on the sidewalk is far too shiny.

3 It looks like the top of the treeline is turning transparent- the sky is shining through (or laying on top) of the tope edge tree canopy.

Other than those items, I’d love to stop in there for a few free maps and info about local events and locations.