Exterior Architecture #2

Exterior Architecture #2


That’s an awesome house. Great render! If I were to buy that house, first thing I would do is tear out those little trees in the front and replace with ornamental grasses. :wink:

Thank you defeater905!

Good job on your render! The only thing I would’ve changed is to add a bit more translucency to the organic things (leaves, grass, etc). Also, when I looked at the image, it struck me how uniform and…perfect the image is. It could use some amount of randomness in grass size, plant placement, and even the color of some of the walls.

Hi Benjamin Dod,

I actually added several imperfections especially on the building walls and of all those objects that have a concrete material, but the photography is really very clean and perfect.

I think it’s very nice looking house. Well done!

Thak you MikaKettunen :slight_smile: