Exterior archviz

Hi! i started this project about two weeks ago, but i actually worked a few hours on it.
I tried to replicate an image that i fount on internet, unfortunately i can’t find it right now, but here it is!:

I did everything in blender, except for the post pro, that i did in photoshop.
Here’s the raw render:

and here a breakdown of the post pro:

The scene is not finished yet, i still have to add something to focus on and make better grass.
This is my first serious attempt at post pro, i’d like to have some feedback from you :slight_smile:

C&C are really welcome! hope you like it :slight_smile:

I like that kind of architecture, It would really be interesting to see that building from other perspektives too

I would remove the fish-eye camera and the leaves in the front are a little to blurry for me and distract me. Also I think they are a little to saturated.

Brutalist architecture with a hint of modernism thrown in for good measure, i like it. I would try to get the dividing lines between each conrete block to be more defined either in the normal map or geometry. With this type of building its very important to make the few lines available very distinct from the rest of the surfaces.

Good work, keep it up!