exterior building

I spent about 1 week on this project. It’s my first project using nature.

The result is not perfect, but I rather start a new one than spending further work on this one. Also I almost couldn’t render it on my 4 year old 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor :stuck_out_tongue:

about 29 mio vertices plus the grass.
render time: 28h (!!) on 500 samples
memory used: 6.9 GB

I’d appreciate some opinions and critiques.

I think the nature as a whole came out really well. The grass maybe could use a little more variation in color and perhaps having maybe a few areas that would be a little thinner in certain areas just for a little more added realism.

Regarding the house, I wonder if an actual solid door would make sense. It kind of seems like your entrance way is just another glass window. The modeling of the house works quite well, and props for adding some nice furniture and things in the interior.

thank you. I see the problem with the grass, but with my little resources its really hard to work on such a big particle system, the viewport gets horribly slow.