Exterior lighting

here is a car model. I know the materials are not perfect but I think the lighting is worse.

Basically, how to light this realistically.

Links to an exterior lighting tutorial would be helpful.

Well, you need something for it to reflect, check out HDRI lighting. And the materials need a lot of work as well to look realistic. Do a forum search, there are some great resources for car paint.

just changed the lighting. Wow, that is much easier than what I was doing. thanks.

What is wrong with the material so I can fix it.

you should look for some car paint materials, there are some online. Or you build one yourself:
You should use a Fresnel for the color as well as for the reflections, because the reflectivity of paint depends on the viewing angle and also the color tend to change its brightness.

But what I would do first is giving some more different Materials to the small parts, like the sealings, the lights and stuff like that. That puts some more contrast to your image and makes it look more realistic. Look at some pictures at least photos and look for things you like in these pics and try to recreate that.
Hope that helps?