Exterior made with Corona

One of my last works that I like.
Modeling in Blender rendering in Corona addon for blender.


nice work. Aside from the pipes a bit too wide and shiny and the front ground which feels a bit too undifened.
How is doing the corona plugin for blender? Last time i’ve play with the all thing was quite incomplete. Is still corona stand alone free since chaos group acquired it?


In general, it is now possible to render in Corona 3 and include previews of materials with textures, all that was before that is now, but in a more stable form. I can say that for myself I just discovered the most convenient way to use, which turns out to be even more convenient than the cycles. For example, I can get better even faster previews corona running a full render, rather than wait for preview rendering in cycles. The largest I consider a minus is a particle system, since every time you have to wait for it as it will be unloaded again.

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Nice to hear and thanks for the update info. I will try again in the future.

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I also add that the developer promised to rework the standalone version and that an interactive preview will be possible, as well as something else. The developer of corona, so I think the add-on developer will be waiting for this update, and after doing the add-on for it and under the blender 2.8

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awesome! that would be quite a boost.