exterior render - BI + Gimp

Hi, this is called the “at home with a cold over the weekend” project. It is renderd in BI and postprocessed in Gimp. The cold might be the cause of the overdone postprocessing for which I am sorry but have no heart to go over it again. Critiques welcome!

wow, really really nice. I like it alot.
I have never tried archviz, but I might try. Any chance that you provide the. blend for learning?
keep it up, I would like to see more of these :slight_smile:

nice composition.

@tillonius3002: This particular file is not so tidy and I also made some mistakes in the light settings so I’m hiding it away :slight_smile: but I’m considering preparing a demo archviz file for download on my blog at some point.

that would be awesome. I really would like to learn this kind of “blendering” :slight_smile:

Did you use blueprints or did this just come from your Mind??

Right out of my Mind :slight_smile:

Nice and simple, i like the wall texture! Is it procedural?

No, I can’t make procedural textures look very realistic even though I like them. This has a tilable plaster texture (from cgtextures) on the generated mapping and a UV mapped “wear” texture I did in Gimp

Very well done! :smiley:

The Image turned out pretty good. I like the design.

Why did you use BI?

cause BI is faster (especially if your GPU is bad) and the materials are far easier to setup?

Like tillonius said :slight_smile: This one renders in 7.30 minutes and I am happy with the results. I’d say - why not?

good work, this is nice.