exterior scene after architecture accademy

hi everyone, i am Marco and this is my first post in this site:)
this is my first serious scene after architecture accademy and started by photo.
what do you think about this scene? thanks everyone for help and comment:)

Nice try. I like the light is seems pretty natural. But I think that adding some detail would help make it more natural. Here what I would propose:

  1. I would remove the bicycle or add a car. The bic really catches the eye and it keeps you looking at it too much. Maybe change the color.
  2. The windows have like an ice effect on them mainly the one under the porch.
  3. Even if its an old style house I would add an Athena or a parabole.
  4. I would add some curtains to the windows and doors.

What I mean is that apart from the bicycle the house misses details that people lives in it.

Good work !

thanks very much for suggestion:) i will try to apply the advice:)

You should try using some normal maps for displacement, other than that, it looks good.