exterior scene with yafray?

hi , i’ve done this exterior scene and now i want to lighten it ,
I’ve been studing something about yafray and i now understand a few things , but i cant get this scene to look realistic , i ve tried a sun , 3 spots , diferent settings , but i cant get a nice illumination ,

I did one that looks good , but i only have one render , it looks green because the world was green , but i didnt keep those settings .
i also tried indigo bu indigo dont seem to accept textures.

Could you guys tell me a good scheme or rig , that would work ?

I leave here some pictures , the green one is one with yafray it looks nice but green because it had the world green , the other ones are yafray tests i’ve done and thats the best i can get , and the other one is indigo.

So , what should i do for a exterior scene like this ?

What about a skydome with HDR image for lighting?

mmm souds interesting , but i dont know what it is , do you know tutorial ?

do you know tutorial ?

It is explained here I believe:


thanx , i allready read that , but i still dont understand some things:
If i use global illumination , do i have to still add the 3 light technic ?
In an exterior scene like this one , is it enought with one sun ? or i should add area ights and others ?

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Global Ilumination performs indirect illumination, also called bounce lighting.

In a typical 3PT setup, one of the three lights involved is actually doing that work, which is the Fill light. Therefore, when GI is used, a traditional 3PT lighting could change into: Key light - GI - Rim light.

I see people discarding Rim lights when using GI. Why? Global Illumination is just another tool. Besides, you can still use some fill lights when GI is used to lit some areas up or to hint secundary light sources, etc.

Your scene lacks a good Key light with its respective shadows. Professionals recommend to get a good Key light before placing any light else in the scene.

hi , so , i need to add a good key ñight , i dont know what a key light is , but i think is like the man light right ?
anyway , i feel very kind of desperate , i read and read things of lighting and i get no results , i need someone to show me face to face , or se a god video tutorial or … time will make me better , ffff…

well, If you have read any 3PT lighting tutorial, you should know what a Key light is.


ah , ok , is just that im not english , but i know now. ;D