Hey guys,

i’m working on an archviz at the moment and wanted to show you the current state.
what do you think at this point? Any suggestions, critique or tips?!

i will also do some “blue hour” evening renders…



I’m also working on a “blue hour” render but i’m having some problems. I can’t get this nasty noise away even with about 8000 samples it is still very noisy. Only with a clamp of 2.5 i get a gut result but the lighting looks very flat and boring then?

Looks really good to me, nice work :slight_smile: About the noise, I got the same problem with interior scene, if I’m right it’s because the glass shaders (in your case the windows I think) but I really didn’t know any well working method.

Thanks! :wink:
Hmm… the glass was my same guess, but acutally without glass i get the same noisy result!? :///

Here’s an update again…

The client doesnt want any interior stuff!

any other suggestions?

Amazing :smiley:

I like post 5 No1 a lot.
Shadows on the left are a bit… somehow… Still, it feels alive for some reason.
“Blue hour” - isn’t it too bright overall compared to sky? Or the grass is too dark.
What feels unnatural is that i do not see roof material, construction, not a sign of it. Usually there is something hanging a tad over the top to cover the walls. I miss that little thing.
So you did not use any compositing for the evening shot? Just a plain cycles render?

Hey Thanks guys…

Okay. I will work on that rooftop thing! :wink:
Actually the blue hour renders are not the current states and yes its plain cycles render.

The grass will be also updated. I just dont want to render with cpu now!

I like your renders, the reflection of the trees on the Windows have a very realistic look. The result with a clamp with 2.5 looks better to me, maybe you can add some sparks in the compositing to get an effect like this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-V71si4Kob_U/USQ_DRsL5qI/AAAAAAAARqo/r1Npx76GlVQ/s640/Casa-de-Playa-Contemporanea-en-Las-Arenas-12.jpg


Really nice renders Laksone.the blue hours are tricky…

ok let me show you some cleaning done in my scene



All the noise is caused from the light sources …
i have all closed interior scene using flourescent natural light and the noise is not appearing at all…

here is a prove off less noise without lights on the same scene upthere…


At the moment i’m working on the green stuff… (actually it’s the most difficult thing to me)
what do you think?!

Well great improvement!

soooo guys, it’s me again!
Here are the final daylight images of this never ending project! :slight_smile:
Next step is the eveningrenders…
(the client is not really easy so it will take some time to finish the rest ;))


Very beautiful. I like your work and especially the house!