External Game Engine (3D viewer)

I ve seen some game engines and I like the idea.
Why not having a 3D view only on external game engine?
I mean:A Blender that provides only acces to Game Engine options(no editing or else) only lighting settings,material change and object adding,group adding,only things that refer to game engine.
It may sound a bit weird…but that would be a clean nice interface.
Why all the options and buttons around?
Only GE.
That would be so clean and easy to use world editor.
If there is any way to set blender like this please tell me!!

Blender 2.5 will remove most of the non GE options from the UI if you select ‘Blender Game’ from the top menu.

The python files could still use a little work though (not all of the options only available for the internal renderer have been removed yet, case in point the raytraced transparency checkbox is still in the BGE material panels)