External Library... How?

I wish I had the answers but sadly I have the questions.

It is posible to create a dll Library ( for windows I don’t know the other os) and link it with Python to be used with BGE but I don’t know how. Is it pissible someone to create a tutorial with the minnimum requarements. Something like a return of a SUM.

Can someone tell me if the Python/C Api is the right section of the Python Tutorial for this.

I don’t wand to confuse but I wand to studie C and Python together and test them with the BGE.



Python/C API is the reference, best start is “Extending and Embedding the Python Interpreter” in Python manual, especially part “1. Extending Python with C or C++” - there is simple example of C/C++ module, that you can extend and test results. That’s the way I got into Python module programming.