External player fails to scale properly fullscreen?

Okay recently I noticed that in 2.70 fullscreen external player the image is always stretched to fill the monitor, even if it’s chosen different aspect ratio and letterbox. The strange thing is I tried older versions and there is the same effect there, while I think it was working at the time I was using them. Any ideas? Is it a bug or something with me?

On my computer works fine. Post a blend file maybe it’s something wrong with your settings. Set the framing to “SCALE”. And check Nvidia control panel. Try different scaling options there.

Blenderer is correct. The way the external player scales the camera view is dependent on the framing options in the render panel. Scale = scales the camera view to fit the screen, Extend = show more of the camera view as the ratio demands to fit the window ratio, and Letterbox = maintain the defined game aspect ratio by adding black bars on the edges of the screen as necessary.

Yes I’m aware of that, the problem is that it’s always set to scale no matter what I choose as framing, so the image gets distorted

Huh? You’re saying that it’s always “Scale” regardless? That’s odd.

Are you using different scenes? Make sure that it’s set to scale in all of the scenes that you’re using in Blender.

No, it’s one scene. It’s weird, my monitor is 4:3 and I was using a 16:9 (1280x720) as a game resolution, and the image is stretched and scaled instead keeping ratio with black bars. However I tried other resolutions and find out that 1280x800 and 1920x1080 seems to work just fine … weird.