[External Program] Blender Version Manager for 2.8

(krupa) #21

Nice app Oleg, it downloads versions nicely but I can’t get it to run them from the app…

(Oleg Stepanov) #22

I discovered a very weird bug - if there is white spaces in path blender will not launch.
So use path without spaces!
I will fix this bug as soon as possible.

Thanx to @krupa for reporting!

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(Oleg Stepanov) #23

Latest release v1.3.2:

  • Fixed Blender not launching if root folder has white spaces

Also, I created a Gumroad page for the sake of easier update sharing via email, but it forces to set price at least 1$ if file size more than 25 megabites.

You still can get Blender Version Manager for free on GitHub. Gumroad page is a way to support creator and help you stay tuned with updates via email subscription!

(tonton) #24

Hi Oleg, thanks for this amazing tool ! using it right now :smiley:
works perfect on my laptop, only problem i found so far, impossible to toggle the system console from blender when it is launched through version manager panel (which can be a bummer when coding addon), no idea why… have you got a clue ?
Otherwise, this little tool is perfect !
cheers !

(Oleg Stepanov) #25


I know that such issue exists. That’s because program watching for running blender and indicates number of instances. It is a nice feature but also it prevents deleting blender while running.

For now I’m thinking how I can solve this problem in a good way. So stay tuned!

(tonton) #26

I sure will, thx for quick answer ! cheers !

(Oleg Stepanov) #27

Hi folks!

Fixed issue with System Console, thanx for patience!

:arrow_down: Get latest version on GitHub

(Chukx_007) #28

Thank you for your awesome work. :fire:

(tonton) #29

You rock man, thx ! your tool is perfect for my use of 2.8 right now !

(tonton) #30

I have a question, yesterday, they were 3 update in same day, are they always sorted by date (more recent -> less recent) ? (cf screenshot)
cheers !

(Oleg Stepanov) #31


Versions sorted by creation time (in seconds).
So, the recent version is always on top and oldest one at the bottom :sunglasses:

(tonton) #32

perfect ! thx for quick answer !

(TitusLVR) #33

Super cool, thank you for this programm :smile:

(SniperGhost) #34

Hey thanks, thats a really handy application.
Do you have plans to add a scroll bar for those of us that test 20 versions of 2.8 ?
Also do you have any plans to add other versions of blender like the 2.79 fracture build or the 2.8 sculpt build?

(Oleg Stepanov) #35


I’m aware of “scroll problem”, so It is more of time question. It is not that easy as it sounds :sweat_smile:
Right now I’m doing some code fixing and refactoring when have time. Hope to implement it soon.

About including other builds is a good feature. But it depends on hosting. As far as I know there is only graphicall.org hosting such builds. So can’t promise when I will get a look at it.

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(koloved) #36

thank you for 1.4 :sunglasses:

(bluecd) #37

Thanx a lot !

(Oleg Stepanov) #38

Folks, that was too early!
I deleted 1.4.0 release since there is some weird permission error after extracting build, need a little bit of time to fix this for final release.
I will publish tested build myself as soon as figure out the problem!

I always write a post in here if everything is ok to download, please, be patient and stay tuned!

(Oleg Stepanov) #39

Hi folks!

Blender Version Manager 1.4.0 finally here!


  • Automatic registration of .blend extension (optional in File Menu)
  • Display date now matches with blenders splash screen
  • Scrolling for long list of versions
  • Bug and crash fixes


  • Better naming of versions in root folder
  • Display build time instead of year
  • Automatic cache cleaning
  • UI polishing


Latest build:
:arrow_down: Download Blender Version Manager v1.4.0 (Win x64) from GitHub

Source Code:
:page_facing_up: Blender Version Manager on GitHub

:money_with_wings: Blender Version Manager on Gumroad

(Predrag) #40

Hey there. Thanks for making this addon, it’s a life saver. Would it be possible to add an option to keep your activated addons and prefs from the previous version?

Thanks in advance