[External Program] Blender Version Manager for 2.8

Hi there, problem is when you are behind the proxy, and program can’t check a new version because rules for firewalls are in power or system administrators :slight_smile: , and in this case i have to download new versions manually and put them in defined folder and then close app and start again, because without restart it doesn’t see new folder. So as an option it would be nice to have rescan/refresh local root folder for new blender versions.

Hi! Thanx for feedback!
You can use Pyinstaller to make a single *.exe from *.py.

@TitusLVR Hi!
I will add it to my list of features!


Hey I am getting error msg like these:

Could you help me find the root cause?

This is because BF are moving some of the scripts into another folder. And when you overwrite the old folder with a new version, it doesn’t delete anything, it just copies and overwrites. If you delete the oldest one of those (just go into each folder, sort by date and find the file) Then you just remove one of them, go back to blender and refresh the addons, and it will disappear…

OH ok thank you.

:slight_smile: no problem, has happened a lot of times for me as well…

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Please, attach “b3d_version_manager.log” if it exists next to “Blender Version Manager.exe”.
Check if you are using UAC protected folders like “C:\Program Files” or have old blender versions inside root folder.
For more info check out Wiki.

hi @DotBow, i am using your great tool since v1.1 on window, i got used to it, it s a real time saver ! thx again for it ! i m trying to switch to linux on my laptop, do you have some news about the linux port ? a possible date of release ? no rush of course, i was just eager to use it in my new os :wink: (popos btw, which works great if you re a gnome fan)
cheers mate !

Hi! Thank for kind words!
Right now I’m busy looking for job, but Linux version already working for the most part! So it is more of a time question.

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great to hear, looking forward to it !
good luck with your job search ! :slight_smile:

This Program is an awesome timesaver, thanks for your work! Will it also allow someone to download stable versions of blender, for example the final 2.80 release and beyond?

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A nice-to-have feature would also be an option to register the new “active” build’s path into Windows’ path variable. So that users using Blender through command lines (e.g. for faster and/or batch rendering) don’t have to do it manually.

It needs to also remove the previous build’s path.

It’s more of an advanced feature, not everyone uses command lines, nor should play with path variables if they are not sure of what it is. So if you do make this feature, please do indicate it’s an advanced option that should be used wisely. :stuck_out_tongue:

The app doesn’t work anymore. Problably because there are no 2.8 experimental builds anymore but 2.81 already


Fix is coming! Sorry for troubles!


I thought I broke it somehow. Good to know you are on it! :sweat_smile:

If you missed yesterday’s release with fix, here it is!


  • Incremental version update of Blender to 2.8X


Latest build:
:arrow_down: Download Blender Version Manager v1.5.2 (Win x64) from GitHub

Source Code:
:page_facing_up: Blender Version Manager on GitHub

:money_with_wings: : Blender Version Manager on Gumroad

P.S. It is temporal fix, fully featured version will be released with upcoming Linux support :penguin:

:sparkling_heart: Thanx for using Blender Version Manager! Have a good day!


Thanks so much! This really made my day, can’t live without this anymore :smiley:

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Life saver!

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How often does it check for new builds? I was wondering if it’s only doing it on startup and I need to close and recheck every now and then. If it does keep checking on its own, is it possible to have an “audo download” option somewhere down the line? Thanks!