External Render Engines

This may seem old, but just how do you go about rendering something using an external engine? I’ve seen this add-on (Blender 2.56) that allows you to use YafaRay or something, but it has a warning sign next to it, which obviously dissuades me. Help?:o

Check the box for the add-on, then select it from the render engine dropdown (top of the 3D view). The symbol is just a note that it’s a beta add-on (much like Blender 2.5 itself, at least for a few more weeks)

Ah thanks a lot. I got LuxRender, but I was completely lost as to how to use it, but POVRay will do (the add on). Once again, thanks!

I was wondering, is there an external render engine that supports non-photorealistic/toon rendering? Kind of like Brazil for 3dsMax, but for Blender?

I don’t think my question warrants an entirely new thread so hopefully it isn’t too uncouth of me to bump.

I’m well aware of FreeStyle, thanks; you might want to check that thread yourself and see my post ;).

I’m thinking of something commercial.

@TheRiddler have you tried with 3delight or aqsis? They are based on Renderman, and should be an interesting option for you…

Hey V1k1ngo,

Thanks for the info; 3delight looks pretty amazing, but I don’t think I’m up to learning a manual, code-driven renderer. There’s no other commercial toon renderer that supports Blender, huh?