External renderer advice needed

Allthough happily working with Blender for one year now, I can’t match renders (in terms of real world light handling/complexity) made by my colleques with f-prime and mental ray.

So now I’m looking for a renderer with simiIar possibilities that works with Blender (Brazil/final gathering etc??) but I need help finding out which do.

I’ve had a look at open source alternatives but I (not a prgrammer) can’t get them to work :frowning: (Sunflow, Kerkythea, looked for Indigo but it’s website dissappeared)

Share of thoughts/experience appreciated!

PS ability to hidden line render is essential

You can use Yafray, Yafray can make very realistic renders,and it’s included with blender !

see this link: http://wiki.yafray.org/bin/view.pl/UserDoc/GauravGuide

Geneome’s got some video tuts and written stuff on Sunflow. He’s very enthusiastic about it, though I’ll admit I haven’t tried it yet. Might be worth a look…

Not true, you have to download Yafray separately, but the controls are integrated into Blender.

[Edit] Oh yeah, welcome to Blenderartists!:smiley: