External renderers irritation

Google’ing external renderers, I found various external renderers, but whats irritating is that either they are slow to render or their rendering quality is only par. I feel like everyones just bulshitting on their rendering software, except Bunkspeed. So what I am saying is with so many external renderers out there, theres only some who are really pioneering in rendering technology, the others should just shutdown for their old & false marketing !!!

Yes nice try to advertise. Delete the thread please, thanks. Or first make some comments how pathetic it is to advertise like that and then close the thread and hope that when you google Bunkspeed you see this thread as the first result :).

Um I dont understand is this sarcasm ? come on this are facts !

You might not be advertising but this post is only flamebait, if even that. And that Bunkspeed is the only renderer you can get results with speaks volumes about the validity of your opinion.

Wouldn’t call Bunkspeed pioneers since they bought/license their render technology form Mental Images

what facts this is your subjective opinion. How can you coat your opinions as fact and expect people to agree with you. the secret to getting good results from any renderer are to experiment, get advise from more experienced users and the big one RTFM(<-sadly few people do this) of the most popular external renders working with Blender, both LUX and Yafaray have good and complete documentation you just have to put in the time to learn how to use such tools and quit bitching and moaning check out their galleries there is some serious good art there showing you just what you can do.

Well I have used bunkspeed hypershot for windows & found it to render on my cor2duo & intel x3100 gfx faster than any renderer I have ever tested.

Hypershot is just amazing. It’s as fast as lightning and it produces breathtakingly realistic images in next to no time at all. If you haven’t used it, it’s just a trip.

But to say that ALL other renderers are crap is a tall statement. I’ve used other renderers and most of them are slower, most of them are more adaptable. LuxRender produces amazing images, albeit slowly. Yafaray is nearly the same quality, but is fast enough for some animations.

Also, I don’t understand what you are on about with it being a Blender external renderer. I don’t think there is any exporter for Blender at all. I had to export my OBJ then re-apply all my materials when the obj was imported to Hypershot. I wouldn’t call that an ideal workflow for anything other than basic product rendering.

Hypershot fast? Are you using the preview mode?
Set the settings to good quality and Hypershot is slow as a dug.

Plus the scene design options are more then sad.

But I guess you are not skilled enough to use VRay, Brazil, Air, Renderman, 3Delight, MentalRay, C4D,

lol what a joke

where is the spam button ?

The post seems like veiled advertising to me, considering the fact she said all the Open Source render engine projects should shut down and instead make people pay for proprietary technology, which defeats the idea of going from start to finish using a completely open-source pipeline.

You have found that generalizing to the point of saying only one engine can possibly work and all others are crap is not taken well.