External Renderers not showing

Sorry if this has been answered already.

I recently downloaded, YafAray, LuxRender, and Indigo, and none will show up for me to choose from. I believe I have the exporters and the correct python ( 2.62) I am using 2.49b on Vista. Any ideas on what possibly may be the problem?


It looks like your exporters are not in a folder that Blender is checking. You can either add the path to the folder where you put the exporters in Blender’s user preferences, or move the scripts to Blender’s default scripts folder.

I’ve tried both. When I tried to point to it in user preferences, it keeps telling me empty folder. So tried to uninstall and redo it and still nothing.

Odd. Just a few question to see where the problem could be:

-when I select an empty folder as Blender’s scripts location in Blender’s user preferences, I don’t get any error messages. What is the exact error message you’re getting, and where does it show up?

-have you located Blender’s scripts folder? If so, where is it? Does it contain any files, like 3ds_export.py? If not, can you locate 3ds_export.py on your computer?

-what is the exact path to the folder where you put the scripts?

-after setting the path to the folder where you put the exporters, have you saved your preferences?

-if you open an exporter file in Blender’s text editor window and press alt-p, does the script run?

Well, I got Yafaray to work for a second. But then when I tried to install the others the same way, it no longer showed, nor did the others.

The error message I get is ( and its a “pop up” for lack of a better word) ERROR: Failed writing defaults: Unable to open. But now I dont get the empty folder message on the console I was getting.

The path I put it to ( and I followed directions from either a thread here or on a yafaray page) is C://Users/ Username/AppData/ Roaming/ Blender/ .blender/ scripts

I cant save preferences, due to that message. I just pointed to the folder again and yaf showed back up. But if I close blender down and reopen its gone, so would have to keep doing it every time I opened blender.

Ok got luxrender to show up as well, but getting a error in blender console…argh was gonna post attachment, but it says I cant… hope this works…


That image doesn’t load here. For LuxRender specific errors, I’d recommend registering at the LuxRender forum as you’ll most likely get help there more quickly.