External Rendering engines for Blender

There is a list of all the available rendering engines for Blender?

For now i know:

  • Octane
  • Yafaray
  • Luxrender and SLG


There’s also the various renderman engines, Aqsis, 3Delight, PRman, etc, although I can’t remember what the status is on renderman support in 2.5. Thea and Indigo both have Blender plugins as well, I think.

  • vRay for Blender is not yet released and is under development
  • PRman i don’t think that will be available for blender
  • Aqsis is old
  • Thea is priced more than 3 times compared to Octane
  • Indigo is interesting but again has an higher price than Octane

not so interesting after all, or too expensive or not so beautiful

i think i will wait for Cycles with OpenCL or Octane.

  • vray for blender is available
  • for prman there is (pretty basic) support as well as for any other renderman compliant engine out there through my exporter (look at my sig)
  • i don’t know what you mean by “old”. PRman, infact, is the oldest render engine out there and it is still in use. if by “old” you mean outdated, well, that’s not true either as it is in development right now and got point based occlusion techniques quite recently. Ok, it still lacks raytracing but you can either mix that in with other engines or fake it.

and i forgot 3delight. It’s also renderman compliant so you could in theory also use it with my exporter but i recommend checking out matt ebb’s exporter. It is especially designed for 3delight and therefore more convenient. Afaik it is already quite advanced and pretty much usable.

So i don’t know where you got your information from but it’s not entirely right

some links:

i got this information with some googling around the web, the info about vray came from the official website, also i noticed that you mean an exporter for blender and not a real rendering engine.

i also can’t find nothing about PRman …

With exporter i mean the integration part between blender and the render engine. To render something in a renderengine directly from within blender you need something that converts the blender data to some format the renderengine can understand.
You won’t find anything about prman because it is nothing official by Pixar but developed by myself.
The vray/blender integration is also done by someone in his spare time who is not directly hired by Chaos group.

Imo this is all you can expect. That’s what open source is all about: Someone needs a certain feature so he starts coding it.

and this is the problem, i was asking about new rendering engines not about plugins or others stuff.

i appreciate your interest but this is not what i’m looking for, that’s why i could not understand your reply in the first place.

Now I don’t understand your question. Neither Octane, Yafaray or Luxrender are integrated, they all use exporters. The only ‘integrated’, ‘external’ renderer for Blender is Cycles. Everything else, Yafaray, Lux, V-Ray, 3Delight are all external and use an exporter.

What do you see is the difference between a ‘new rendering engine’ and a ‘plugin’?

they are standalone rendering engines; luxrender is also fully integrated with blender.

what you are talking about makes no sense. There is no difference between the way luxrender communicates with blender and 3delight, prman, yafaray, octane, etc.

The render engine is almost ALWAYS an independent executable which needs to communicate with the animation software through some kind of exporter with the exception of the one that is shipping with the software that is for 3dsmax and maya for example the scanline renderer and for blender the blender internal. even cycles is an external process (as well as mental ray even though it ships with maya, 3dsmax and xsi).

The only difference i can see is that maybe cycles and luxrender don’t use a scene description file format but pipe the data from blender directly into the render process but from a user point of view that makes no difference.

there is a difference, i can’t use prman, instead i can use luxrender, if i can’t use it, prman is not what i’m looking for …

I think that depends how you define fully integrated. There are still plenty of Blender features unsupported by Luxrender.

If you mean it can create its own material preview and render to the compositor then that also goes for Yafaray and V-Ray.

I still don’t properly understand why these are ‘external’ and ‘fully integrated’, but not plugins.

yep prman is obviously not what you’re looking for …

i don’t mean to sound stand-offish, but you may be arguing about something you don’t know enough about. why can’t you use PRMan? check out the RIB Mosaic project, or use the MOSAIC addon for Blender 2.49, or frigge’s addon or matt ebb’s for Blender 2.5x. but paraphrasing what frigge and organic said, if you’re not grasping how Luxrender is just as much an external render engine communicating with Blender via a plugin/exporter as V-Ray, Octane, Yafaray, Aqsis, PRMan, or literally anything other than Blender Internal or, to some extent, Cycles, then you’re right, PRMan is not what you’re looking for. what gets exported and how is of the utmost importance when dealing with RenderMan compliant renderers.