external rendering for demoreel

(kos) #1

should external renderers be used for the demoreel? some guys say no.but i would like to make a poll for it to know what everybody thinks.

(Ecks) #2

well no, cause a demoreel is used to show what BLENDER can do…and rendering is part of the program so…everything in blender…well that’s what I think

(seval) #3

If the demoreel is for Blender…I would say the same thing…use only Blender. HOWEVER…now that the source IS open, and…with all of the FREE code available for ray-tracing and rendering tools, it would be interesting to see the community pull together and develope a new renderer for Blender. Then again…considering that I just waited NINE hours for RealSoft to render ONE picture…

(IMProvisar) #4

I’d say it depends on the purpose… if it is to showcase Blender, I’d say Blenderrender, if you did an “Elysiun Reel” to showcase more the artists in this community, rather than the tool that binds them, then external render would be ok.

I think having external renderers would be like having a group of people who like to play with building block toys say “Hey, let’s build a massive Lego® city!”, and someone else saying, “Can I build a building with an Erector Set® core and a Lego® facade?” It just depends on the purpose.


(hannibar) #5

As long as blender is used it’s ok imo. People who see the demoreel won’t really care if external renderers are used or not. They will only look at the quality of work. And since the rendering quality of a raytracer/GI renderer is in most cases higher than blenders scanline,…