external textures???

hi, just a question (i might be in the rong forum)

im have a little problam with our parkour pro game…
i want all the textures to be in a fixed folder, at the moment they are all packed,
which makes things slow down.
if they werent packed then, when i give the .blend to someone the textures will get lost,
is there another way??
ok if you don’t get it, hard to explain.

tia, ionee

No im pretty sure that is only way the textures will be included in the blend file. to speed things up, oyu could unpack them, then pack them when the game is finished and you give it to us:D:D

i unpacked them and it asked me if i wanted to creat a textures folder, so i did… for all of them.
saving was fast! but some reason blender is still slow loading all the textures???