external yafray & other renders

is external yafray better that the integrated one in blender?
is sunflow render good too?
how is 3Delight?
how do they all compaire to each other?

That depends on what it is you want to do. With Yafray (and, presumably other externel renderers), the procedural textures do not work. However, Yafray can give very photorealistic results, and incorperates feature such as Global Illumination and Caustics. It is, however, a raytracer (which are generally slower than alternatives); Blender’s internel renderer is capable of both raytracing and, well, I don’t know the name, but it is quicker and good for when you want less photorealism (or are just good at “CG tricks” - faking realism).

In short, experriment. See what you like for certain things.

I mostly agree with Techmeology, only one thing…
First off, Yafray does support procedurals, not all but some of them (I guess you won’t really need others than the supported ones).
Also, it is very possible that Yafray is faster than Blender when it comes down to raytracing. Blender’s AO is actually very slow…but anyway, in Yafray you wouldn’t even use that as it is capable of GI, so why would you even bother with AO? The scanline render however is very likely to be faster…but of course, good results are very hard to achieve with no raytracing / GI or something like that.

So, I’d, just as he said, strongly advise you to take a look at www.yafray.org and the great new user docs, in which you’ll find probably all you need to know about the features that yafray offers and Blender doesn’t. Then you can probably decide which renderer does a better job for you.

Sunflow looks very promising, too, I haven’t tried it yet but I’ll definitely give it a shot someday. However, the integration into Blender is obviously not as good as Yafray’s so you might want to wait a little bit longer to have an easier life with it.
Again, it needs a lot of self experimentation to test which renderer is the best for the image you want to render. You simply can’t compare them in general.

Oh, and it might be useful to search the forums for some informations…similar threads are made like every week…

Sunflow’s current release has a lot of bugs that should be fixed pretty soon.
But for me, its path tracer is way faster than yafrays. Its AO is heaps faster than blender ( for complex models especially ).

But unlike yafray, it doesnt support blender’s features. But what i’ve heard is being planned on being put into it, it sounds very promising, worth keeping and eye on.

If you’re just starting to get into other raytracers, I suggest yafray first.