Extinction level event - Bullet Physic Ragdoll test

:smiley: while working on another unrelated project, I was dragged to the blender game engine and astounding physic engine Bullet…

As I became more familiar with both the GE and Bullet, I started playing with both and ended up doing something like this.

(don’t press P to launch bullet… press alt+A to launch the baked IPOs)

Nice eh? :yes: (well at least, I think it is meh)

This stuff comes at the right moment, as Jeremy decide to “let the bodies hit the floor” in a bloody battle. He says there will be decapitated bodies, pieces of humanoids flying everywhere, martial art kicks… Glorious eh?

I suppose you are already making the connection :slight_smile:
Ragdolls would be a huge time saver in this battle scene…
And I am trying to find ways to do these ragdolls in a more convenient way, because :

  • Sometimes, the armature bones won’t follow their target…
  • Sometimes, the armature follows, but the skin will not deform… (I only show one of the examples that works smoothly)
  • Making a rig like this is time consuming (although I intend to use these ragdolls for male and female)
  • Last but not least… It’s impossible to do modifications on the ragdoll once the physic has been baked… (duplicating the ragdoll leads to problems as the 2nd ragdoll superimpose with the previous one and booooom)

These are the questions I am still trying to find an answer too… maybe I am not doing it right… maybe I missed some options… don’t know…

:eyebrowlift: Does anyone ever tried something similar before? Any advice or improvement?

In return you have the right to test your ideas on the .blend, with the skin already rigged and ready to play.

As long as you allow us to have a peek afterward… (wouldn’t make sense otherwise ;))

yeah, nice, and i think you should be able to tweak the ipo’s if needed later too, no? :smiley:
so, yeah, its a good thing to have as a “back up” :slight_smile:

Indeed, it’s possible to change the ipos (although you should see the curves… almost had a heart attack). adding physics to make the animation is truely fantastic :slight_smile: (and fun)

Maybe using actions in the NLA would make it easier to handle… I don’t know yet :slight_smile: