Extinction Level Event Trailer, Call for Pro Help, Discussion


XTIN Project is looking for pro level Blender artists to finish off the trailer:

WARNING: Partially implemented violence, MakeHuman nudity, and filler animation goofiness.

Link, 27 meg download You need VLC Media Player for this.

(Commentary on the trailer to follow)

The purpose of this talent call is to establish a team for the following 1 minute short (see current script ). At this point in the project I am only looking for seriously committed, pro level talent. This is real work - it takes time and skill to do well. Evaluate your skill level and the time you have to commit before applying.

The first position I’m looking to fill is Project Leader - preferably this would be someone who is well established in the community, who knows the developers (or is a Blender dev?) and can interface with them, and who can help find talented Blender users to fill the remaining positions. If you’ve got what it takes, PM me and we’ll talk.

Compensation - XTIN Project is currently an investment for everyone involved. If you’re perfectly satisfied with work-for-hire employment, this isn’t for you. If you feel your time and talent is worth more than what you’re getting for it, and you’re willing to put up your work for a share of profits, you might be a good fit with XTIN Project. I know of no project that has put the emphasis on contributor compensation that XTIN Project has. Sam Rose is doing things with the business end that no one else has got.

What we’re about - XTIN Project is about building social capital by developing and popularizing Open business tools. If you follow the link, you can see that the alternative is not so nice. The movie is the high profile aspect of the project. It is about the need for change, while the production aspect presents the means for change. In addition to Sam Rose on the business end, we are in discussion with two accomplished social scientists in regards to designing the production and opening it up to community participation.

Trailer Commentary - The trailer is a WIP. Here’s my evaluation of what still needs to be done -

Score - this is an old score. I don’t want to release the current score until the trailer is finished. We have a much better one.

All the animation is filler I did quickly (I am not an animator) to make use of an opening in our musician’s schedule. The plan is to replace it with motion capture animation. We have a very experienced animation director on our team (the other person from FF:TSW).

General Rendering/Compositing -

There’s a stretching affect around the bottom/left edges, possibly related to ffmpeg. It needs to go.

Some of the shots have wierd effects in the glow, around edges. That needs to go too.

Battle Shots -

The flats in the battle shots will be replaced with 3D models. Those models are finished.

The armored warrior (Taonui) needs textures on her torso, hips, and legs. This is easy to do, as it is just a matter of marking wear areas on the edges and adjusting the textures that already exist to fit.

Final battle shot - replace current matte with a Terragen 2 matte. lighting/compositing. Minor ship modelling and texturing. Lasers and explosions, rag dolls and destruction for the crashing ship. Dismemberment and gore for the attacking soldiers. Rag dolls for the corpse pile Taonui is standing on.

Taonui’s face needs another pass on modelling and texturing. Here’s the most recent render -


Taonui’s hair also needs to be remade with Jahka’s particle system.

Interior Shots -

Gauntlet - Add reflectivity/glossiness to the spike shader. Improve lighting.

Chamber - Change camera movement to pan down and back from the idol. Light, composite. Modelling and texturing on the idol. Texturing on the guards and sacrifices.

Splitter sword shot - textures on the sword. Texturing on the sacrifice to make him look all “Passion of the Christ” beat up. Split him in two and have his organs drop out.

Sticker sword shot - add blood flying off the sword (not easy, but what a way to show off Blender’s fluid)

hmm… the shot in the beginning with the hand is nice…

it’s taken this long to get to this point in trailer… i am wondering if it would be best to just concentrate on the final movie, and forget about the trailer… do that later when you have the material… or are you planning on just doing trailer, and if that gets noticed, you get funding for rest of the movie?


I’m thinking it will be easier to get people interested in working on the movie if we have the trailer to show. We’ll find out. It shouldn’t take a small team of pro level artists long to finish the trailer.