extinction part 1

Haven’t posted anything here for a while. Here are a few recent blender illustrations…

haha welcome back, they’re totally wonderful. the 2nd from the bottom I recognize I saw in a design or computer arts mag or something. Maybe it was a interview with you?

it’s so familiar.

#2 is nice also, really nice work on modeling all the houses in that small town.

WOW, amazing work, love the creativity and the execution on everyone. Top notch stuff, great to see this kind of work coming from the blender community.

These are totally awesome, I want to eats them!

Woah. Love your look and style. This is going in my inspiration folder, and G +1 :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments guys

Guess some people were just born to be artists. Nice work :cool:

Beautiful. I would buy these if they were posters. What were they rendered in?

Top notch stuff, you are really talented.

Amazing work, the shapes are so nice and the colors and everything else, really wonderful!

Amazing work… beautifoul colors

That’s trippy.

Now, that is very refreshing to see.
Quirky and beautiful.

Simply brilliant!!! Beautiful!!! Nice to see artists with this kind of style and that… amount of talent! using blender.
Thank You!

I’m honestly jealous. I’m a graphic designer but i’m still struggling to get the same feeling in my 3D work as i have been doing for so long in my 2D work. I’m slowly getting there, but i’m still a long way from the level you reach in your work. Congrats.

Here’s some stuff i did if you’re interested:

These are really awesome. Wish there were tutorials somewhere to show how the effects are achieved such as in the 1st and 3rd images. Are they processed in photoshop or blender nodes?

I can haz BlendBurger?

These are wonderful! Truely inspiring! Congrats pokestuff…

Same question here!

Awesome ! Really creative, artistic and interesting illustrations ! Congrats