extinction part 1

I would love to know the context. Was this commissioned work, and what for?

The first one should be the next splash screen in Blender. In itself that would be enough encouragement to upgrade. :slight_smile:

Pretty Neat!

That’s really fantastic work. Inspirational.

Great work! I love how the colours and shapes meld together.

Still amazed!!

The images are amazing especially the colours.

Amazing funky style, Pokestuff! I like all of your works, it’s wonderful and reminds me that old Amiga days with all that cool pixel art…

Totally amazing. Submit it to cgtalk! This kind of blender renders deserve to be seen by the world .

I bow before your greatness lol. Your lighting and texturing is just incredibly unique, and really the style that you work in is just very appealing, and very fun. It’s so nice to see something out of the ordinary like this.

Something weird just happened to me… I was using stumbleupon and when I hit stumble, this came up!. Nice work :slight_smile:

wow, thanks for all the comment guys.

Will try to answer some of the questions…

These all use blender internal render engine.

I use nodes heavily on the materials in order to create coloured shadows

First add a sun lamp, set it up for shadows, then duplicate this and create a group with just the duplicated sun lamp.
Then for the material use nodes, create two materials one for the highlights and one for the shadows, add a mix node. Then add a new material, untick spectral on this, then make it use your sun group exclusively.

Then add a colour ramp for the colour out of the new material, connect the colour out of the ramp to the fac of the mix node you’ve already created.

What this means is the the two colours we created for highlights and shadows are now mixed according to the sun intensity and shadow.

Hope that makes some sense.

I love your renders on everything,colors,textures,environments, characters everything. Continue posting please, i think you inspire many artists here.Congratulations.

Wow awesome artwork, congratulations :smiley: !

Looks like this one slipped through the cracks, but thanks to the community for letting us know! Gallery Awarded and featured! :wink:

WAIRplease give some wair! :smiley:

The colour use is fantastic.

wow awesome design

It’s great to see Poke’s work in the gallery. Congrats on the banner!

Awesome. Especially the colors but also the designs itself. How much of it is 2d in post?

Best Blender work I’ve ever seen, holy crap. Only crit is the eyeballs in various renders, I’d make the specular highlights match even if it’s not physically correct.

wait I can’t even crit this never mind. Was insanely awesome 2d concept work a part of any of these projects? Because they are all very strong “flat” compositions. It would be radical to see, if that was the case.