Extra edges

I am a little disimpressed with blenders boolean operations, unless I’m doing it wrong, and am operating with manual booleans, and have come across this problem many times before:

                                      Extra lines that shouldent be there

Say you have 3 vertici(?) and named ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’
‘B’ is in the middle of ‘A’ and ‘C’
Say there is an ecge between A and B, B and C, and A and C
Now I only want A2B, B2C not A2C.
How can I get rid of this line, like if Its repeated through a large mesh and I dont want to go through all sets of vertici(??) pairs.

Any comments would be appreciated.
-Thank You

It’s because Blender only uses tris and quads (3 and 4 sided polygons), and doesn’t recognize ngons. Users comming from other apps often complain, and those who cut their teeth on Blender wonder why. Fortunately the merits of a program don’t rest on one feature only.

In the Python forum is a script called Megsbool (by Spykelectric) in a thread “better booleans” which will give better results but may still not be up to what you expect (because of the tri/quad protocol). And one of the Google Summer of Code projects is better booleans so we have that to look forward to.


Thanks for the reply. Along with me not being able to get python(nor yafray) to work at all, im still left a little confused with the edges. Is there anyway, or in a python script(If I could get it working), that I can remove all double edges? Try subsurfing with two lines around the same place, ewww gross.

Dang it and I know this is probably not the place to ask it but, what the heck is up with yafray? Ive installed it, and put the directory for export stuff in blender… And what the heck! lol sorry

I would seriously like to work with caustics in the near future

And Thanks

Doubles can be removed in Edit mode with W >> Remove doubles (W-5).

Can’t help you much with Yafray without the error message from the console. However, a better plot is to ask at www.yafray.org.


Its not extra vertexes that annoy me its the extra lines, that blender doesnt view as extra


Boolean has been revisited in 2.40 I beleave. It’s been known for a long time it slightly broken. I don’t really see it as broken as much as inefficient.