Extra Help in Arm Rigging

talion wrote:

Yes… this question keeps popping up over and over put another null bone near the elbow and set a track to constraint on the upperarm bone that makes it point to the elbow null.

During testing of the above instructions, in sideview I moved the wrist IK and bent the elbow so that the arm formed a right angle. I then selected then newly placed elbow null and tried a grab & move (G) – nothing. I tried a rotation ® on the null – nothing. R on the upper arm rotated the upArm but broke it away from the lower arm.

I don’t want to have to use keyframe animation for this project but I need to be able to control the arm bones completely. Example: Form a right angle with your elbow – you can move your upper arm so that your elbow is a variable distance from your body. I need to be able to do this.

Can someone help explain this to me so I can find what part I’m obviously not learning about Blender? Is this something basic that I have to progress beyond before doing anything substantial?

N00b at heart,



I’ve had this problem too. See if the way I do it helps you out. I gave an outline at the end of this thread:


I missed that the first time. It sounds like you haven’t parented the upper arm to the lower arm properly. You have to select the lower arm in editmode and choose the upper arm from the list of bones. Then click the IK button. Now when you rotate the upper arm, the elbow should follow.

Still try and use the setup in my link because when you rotate the upper arm bone, the IK handle doesn’t move with it - it just assumes the same rotation meaning the arm bones don’t remain coplanar. The method I use works how a rotate plane solver works, which is commonly used in Maya for arms and legs.