Extra layer of mesh on parts of model probem

I am doing a tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DooeJwglbDU Somewhere along the way I think I created an extra layers on the back of the head, ears and mouth, tongue. I was going to hide the top layer of mesh and delete the layer underneath. But I am a beginner and don’t know if this is the way to fix this problem. Can someone tell me if deleting the darker mesh is okay to do? (in the mouth, the outer layer is the dark one (the normals are facing the wrong way, and I know I can flip the normals). The scalp is supposed to be a separate mesh under the head (per the tutorial), so I’m not talking about that. But there also seems to be something wrong with the scalp mesh too. The edges are darkened.

Blend file:


The vertices selected (in the blend) are duplicate and should be deleted. Open the tools panel (hit t) select all verts, and click the ‘remove doubles’ button, there are thousands. Next you need to recalculate your normals (ctrl n). I would recommend separating your scalp vertices into a separate object. Better yet, delete it, and at the every end, when you are happy with your model, duplicate them then.

There’s a few other issues, but this should get you back on course. In general you should model symmetric models with a mirror modifier, at the end when it’s looking right, you can apply it and make some of the subtle asymmetric changes.

Here’s 90 seconds of quick fix, change youtube to 1080p.

Thanks for responding. I fixed the problem after watching your Youtube video at .5 speed a few times. It’s fixed. Why did you have to delete the back of the head before you did the remove doubles? Because before I posted my question, I attempted to remove doubles a few times and there were none. Then when I removed the back of the head (like you did in the demonstration video), I was able to remove all those vertices. I did the ctr n for the normals.

At the very end, I noticed you checked for triangular faces. I never knew that option was there. Thanks for the added tip. I know there are other issues with the modeling, but I find following most modeling tutorials very difficult. I just want it to be good enough so I can follow the other parts of the tutorial series.