extra objects

i can’t activate the add_mesh_extra_objects in the pref tab…i have downloaded the most recent and put it in the /scripts/addons … and still no go…anyone maybe know why…blender 2.66 64bit:(

Have you tried enabling the version that comes with the blender install rather than downloading it.
When you say you can’t activate it, do you mean you can’t enable the tickbox or can’t use it from the Shift+A / Add Mesh panel

Also please use the support forums for support questions not Blender Discussion.

sorry about “posting” in wrong forum…new to this so how do i get to the right forum…AND i tried the original and the other one i downloaded… and NO i can’t enable the “tickbox” or use Shift+A/Add Mesh panel…???

ok… i fixed it…deleted all ref to it in users/admin/roaming/blender foundation/2.66/scripts/… and in the pycache file in its addon directory…and when i restarted blender it “checked” ok in the tickbox…all ok now…sorry for any inconveinience to anyone