Extra sub-menus slows workflow

(pauljs75_) #1

Noticed this change in the edge version of 2.79. However, even if it makes sense organizationally, it’s slowing down an established workflow. Means that processes that could be done in 2 hotkey presses are now 3 or more. It’s a step backwards in that regard. :no:

(SterlingRoth) #2

Any examples?

(pauljs75_) #3

Used to be able to Ctrl-E followed by A in 2.79.2 to mark an edge, Now in 2.79.4 (edge) it’s Ctrl-E, D, and then A to do the same.

Basically it seems small for one extra step, but when you repeat a process a lot it adds up. What I’d consider “the 2-step boogie” is about ideal, no more and no less. (More means it takes longer to remember what the intermediaries are, and less puts you into dealing with “hotkey twister” which is another way to say that some multi-key combinations would be difficult.)

If it’s really necessary to have intermediary steps, reserve that specifically for add-on type stuff. Changing an existing default step order could be well intentioned, but the result can be a bit face-palm frustrating. (In other words, it might be worth asking people before fixing something that nobody mentioned as being broken. Particularly when it’s something that has been established into an existing pattern, may as well be moving a car’s brake and gas pedals around in that regard.)

Of course maybe in the future this kind of thing can be more optional, such as themes or whatever. As people find their own ideals for particular workflows. (Again in this case I’d prefer the 2.79.2 way over the 2.79.4 way.) And like other prefs, those layouts would carry over if the user has a setup established from a previous version. And with all that and menus and sub-menus, means prefs will also be needing some kind of improved hot-key manager to avoid command conflicts and allow for easier look-up. Which is something that is needed now to be honest.


Yeah, the mark edge is the best example. It’s the more used item of the menu and now is the more complicated

(Fracture64) #5

Also I noticed when you change some of parameters of newly added primitive (for example number of verts or type of end cap on cylinder) through T panel or F6 Blender automatically enters edit mode (even though enter edit mode on new objects is disabled in preferences). Very annoying because I usually add primitive, tweak parameters and then move \ rotate it losing origin \ correct local orientation in process if it’s edit mode.

In 2.79b stable everything is fine - if primitive was added from object mode it stays in object mode when parameters are changed.

Does anyone know when these changes were introduced? I mostly need 2.79 dev due cpu+gpu rendering and bevel shader.