Extra texture files

I’ve imported some objects into Blender that have UV mapping from another program. I’ve combined those imports into a new object in Blender, and re-textured them, but when I export the new object (in this case in X-plane .obj format) the console reports a warning that more than one texture file exists and that some of the textures may display wrong, since x-plane obj files can only work with one texture file.
Actually, the file displays fine, but I’d like to know if I can get rid of the unused texture files in Blender before I export the object.

Check in the datablock that the textures you DON’T want have 0’s in front of them (X them), then save and reopen, Ctrl-W Ctrl-O.


How do I display the texture data block?

Click on the little menu icon.


There’s about a million little menu icons. I appreciate that you’re willing to help, but I’m afraid I need a little more than a two or three word explanation. Even Blender’s little pop-ups are more informative than that. Sorry for being new to this program, but all of us are at some time or another.

Lol, sorry…

In the texture buttons window, where you add textures (purple radio button), on the left is an icon with an up/down arrow. All the textures for that object are in there. An F in front of the texture means it has a fake user and will be saved as such, a 0 in front means it has no user and will not be saved. (the same datablock system works for all objects, materials, textures, IPO’s, actions etc… )

With UV textures, in the UV editor, you have the same menu icon. But you can only remove it by pressind “Delete” next to the “Texface” button in Edit Buttons, or replace it with another texture


I see the button window you describe, but it’s titled “Materials”. There is a list of materials in the object and I see the “F” designation as well. There’s also, beside it, a button which the pop-up says will delete the material.
There is also another menu window beside the Materials one that’s titled “Textures” but has a different button layout than you describe.
I see now, how these button windows work with what’s displayed above. Thanks very much for your help. I spent quite a bit of time searching the knowlege base and reading posts that also helped out.

Texture buttons are in F6