Extract a shapekey from cloth simulation without removing the cloth simulation


I am trying to do a short flag animation from a cloth simulation, that can be played as a loop. I have googled around and did not yet find a satisfying solution (if I missed somthing, I would be happy to know about that to).

So my Idea is this: I create a shape key from the first frame of the flag animation. I play the flag animation, and at the end I morph the flag back into the shape from the first frame.

Problem is: If I create the shape key from the cloth simulation, I loose the cloth simulation and cannot play the animation anymore. If I redo the animation, for some reason it is different.

Also, I have not yet figured out if I can morph between the deformation done by the simulation and a shape key? If yes, how?

So is this, what I am trying to do, possible?


Cloth simulation is a simulation, not an animation, so the basic answer is no. But, you can export the simulation into a point cache file and then use the result with a modifier:

Ah, I should have gotten that from the other posts myself.