Extract frame rate etc. from any video?

Many people are now asking why their video clips import into Blender at the wrong frame rate or why the audio is out of sync. What tools are you using to get information from arbitrary video clips such as frame rate, a/v encoding, resolution etc.? Small free utilities preferred, for all platforms.

On Windows my default is VLC player -> View menu -> Stream and media info.

The freaking camera manual for a start. :slight_smile: But you say arbitary, so assume people are downloading them from somewhere and aren’t sure of settings.

Media player like VLC, Mplayer, Xine, Quicktime Player, FFmpeg, any of them.

Or Mediainfo, DGDecode, DGADecode & AVISynth’s info().

But with regard to many of the problems it’s about setting the project settings first then import. Surely many NLE’s (not that the VSE is an NLE) require the same?

^^^Judging from some of the questions we’re seeing recently, I’d guess many of the askers wouldn’t even know what NLE means, much less how to get frame rates. Concrete information like you provided should help us to help them. Thanks!

The freaking camera manual for a start. :slight_smile:

:smiley: As if!

Another good Windows tool to get media information is the unfortunately named G-Spot 2.70. It can not only extract framerate and resolution, but can tell GOP sizes and show interlace settings, along with a lot of other data. It’s probably overkill for beginners, but it is very valuable when you run into more advanced problems.