extract polygons from object

I am used to other programs that have ways to extract or copy and past polygons into a new object. I have imported an obj file that is made up of multiple parts. How do I split or breakup an object into it’s parts?

I am using 2.49b on WindowsXP

If it’s grouped, ungrou it (Object Menu->Group/Remove from Group; or Ctl+G->Remove from Group)

If it’s one object: select a face in Edit Mode, press “L” to select linked faces. “P” to separate the into another object. Repeat till you’re done.


In Blender there is no real cut and paste in that way. What you can do is per the above post you can use p, to split polygons into a new object. That would be half of the Cut/Paste equation. The copy/paste command is Shift D. (Duplicate) This makes a copy and pastes it right in the same spot and puts you into Grab mode. Since you are in Grab mode you might move it as you move the mouse. Just right click to discard any translations and put it back in the same place if that is what you want. That leaves that new copy still selected. Just hit p at that point and it will make a new object out of it.

To “paste” a part into another object you can use Ctrl j. In Object Mode click the part first then Shift click the object you wan to paste it to and hit Ctrl j. That will attach it to the new object.

Thank you. The P for splitting polygons out into a new object was what I was looking for. I could not find anything in the menu’s that did this. The Copy past method is how Lightwave handles it and XSI uses extract which is much like the split § of Blender3D. Is there a good location for all of these commands listed online?

Mesh->Faces/Edges/Vertex menu. For some reason, “Separate” is only available in the Vertex Menu - although it can be used in all modes. The W key has “specials”, too. Or do you mean the list – search for “hotkeys” in the Blender Wiki, if that’s what you want. Good luck :slight_smile:

Yeah I started on LW. All of these shorts are in the online manual as they are covered which is probably the best way to learn them because you then learn how they are supposed to work.

Start here from the beginning:


Has this workflow been improved in blender yet? I’m on 2.93.5 and this older method of P to new object and ctrl+j to join to where you wanted to paste works, but is much slower than I’m use to with a few other apps.

Would love it if it was as simple as copy and paste or if there was a script or addon to streamline this work flow a little.