Extracting Texture After a Join?

Hi All,

I have a stadium model with a bunch of bleachers that more or less are arranged in a circle around a football field. The bleachers are simply irregular ploygons with an image map no each one. There are lots of them, however, and adjusting each and every image map for every polygon is time consuming.

My thought was to simply join all of them together then apply a single map to this new object.

My question is…Is there a way to extract the current image maps on each polygon, after they are joined, and save out a single image map that I can then edit?

I hope this makes sense, it is kind of abstract to explain.:o

I could be wrong, but if you have the Textures mapped to the objects using Texture channels (not TexFace), you should be able to unwrap the whole object and a blank image in the UV window and then bake the textures to the blank UV map.

I wondered if that was possible.

What about this workflow, I have not spent a lot of time with the UV image editor?

1.) Join meshes together.
2.)Open UV window
3.) Create a new image.
4.) Unwrap joined mesh?
5.) Save out image (I have never done this)?
5.) Baking? (I have never done this)

Baking is one of the Tabs in the Render panel and can be used to bake the current textures on your mesh to a single UV map. Of course you would have to unwrap the mesh first.

I reread your first post and am now a little confused. Are you trying to save all of the individual image texture to one large image or are you trying to save space and time by reusing the same texture on multiple meshes? Also, are the individual objects UV mapped or are you using Orco or other coordinates to place the images?


I am using UV mapped textures.
Currently there are many.
I want to consolidate them to one.
I have joined my mesh and created a new 1024x1024 image in the Uv image editor, however, when I unwrap my mesh (project from top view bounds), nothing appears in the UV image editor. I have run into this problem before. UV simply does not work sometimes.

I am trying to save time, not space. I don’t care how big my image map is, I just want to edit one map, not 50 maps.

Thanks again for the reply.

OK good. If I recall there is a script that can consolidate uv maps. I have never used it, but it might be worth a try. I think it is the bundles script called http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Scripts/Manual/Image/Image_Auto_Layout
This might be able to do the work for you.

Looks like what I need, but the script does not exist. The links are cyclic and lead to variations of the same web page instead of the actual scritp.

That was fun to find. It is bundled into Blender with a different name. In the UV window on the Images menu is “Consolidate into one image” .

Thanks again, I’ll give it a try.