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Here is my latest work made with our favorite 3d software!
90% Blender and 10% photoshop :wink:

I hope you like it !

I am proud to announce that this picture has been selected for the book “EXPOSE 10” from Ballistic Publishing, which is available now !

I put this image in my latest demoreel.
You can watch it here:

Once again: thank you all for your comments !


Stunning work!

(Samuel Mancas) #3

Dude! This is amazing! Well done!

(shibazz) #4

(thunderous applause) !!! :slight_smile:

(tiger2011) #5

prefect scene

(GraphiX) #6

Smoke textures, sim, or photoshop?

(Venthe) #7

5 stars for You mister.

(JoshG3D) #8

well done. it has a very nice feel to it.

(michalis) #9

I like it a lot!!!

(Lell) #10

A master work!

(mrgossips) #11

Looks great!. Congratulations.

(bones79) #12

Fantastic, love it. Would make a cool Battlefield map!

(ROUBAL) #13

Great image… and pollution !o) Congratulations, excellent work !

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(! FaB !) #15

first page on BlenderNation! yeah !
Thank you guys for your kind words !
GraphiX:I choosed to paint the smoke with photoshop for two reasons: render/baking time was too long with the simulator, and I could draw the exact shape I wanted with photoshop

(bigpilot) #16

Very artistic! But…what the hell is it?

(Rodders) #17

Amazing work Very ‘Nicolas Bouvier’ in style, who i love. I’ve always wanted to try and capture his painterly style in 3d but my skills are severely lacking. Tutorial or break down would be great. Congrats.

(siraniks) #18

You did great there man… :slight_smile:

(sqkychair) #19

Very nice!!

I don’t know why but this really caught my eye.

Are the pipes on the left broken and rusting? Nice touch.

(michalis) #20

I choosed to paint the smoke with photoshop…

Of course. A tip: you could use a DOF map for masking painting. You have to edit this mask first (curves). An almost volumetric effect, this way.