ExtraInfo v0.0.8

ExtraInfo works again with the latest blender builds!!.

After the new header was added, extrainfo stopped working. But as the new header has come to stay I have already updated the code.

You can download from:


If i switch N panel to left, ExtraInfo does not shift to the right like Object Info and View Name, and stays under N panel.


They’re talking about that area for show operation info

Yeah, I have to figure out how to fix this circumstance. Thank you.

Edited: Is now solved in 0.0.7 version.

It would be nice if they did it directly from blender by default without having to create an addon myself. We’ll see if they accept the suggestion at the end.

But I think how about operation info follow mouse point ?


And your add-on info at this . Perpect !


I don’t expect that it will be default at 2.81. or 2.82

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Now ExtraInfo 0.0.7 support flip region! for N panel and Active tools panel.


Hello, Thanks for the update! I can’t imagine using Blender without Your addon. It should be in Blender by default.
Do you consider adding new options to the ExtraInfo addon. For example view for actual clipping size?

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Id like to request : selected vert / edge / face counts


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Another request. Add option to change size of info text. And change color of selected compononts to be even more visible.

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Regarding the colors I was planning to put
in the tris a red alert when you exceed x amount of tris and perhaps another orange and green depending on the amount of tris.

view for actual clipping size?..

Is it possible to have the ‘Selected’ number be a different color than the ‘Total’ number? Ex: Tris: 4(blue) / 8(white)

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yes, is it possible.

i can implement this, but I don’t know if it would be useful for other users. Guys what do you think?.

this clipping info really means nothing, just creates clutter
more valuable would be a distance of selected object from camera, then you can set your clipping properly or DOF

The best would be giving users options to customize, imo. Personally I don’t need to see the current Render Engine, memory. But I would find number of n-gons, objects (selected/ total) very helpful.


You can’t put that information from my addon writed in python, for obvious performance reasons. Note that right now I am only showing information already processed by blender natively, if I had to query that information from python, it becomes very slow and is not viable.

Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t be easy.
But about number of objects, it is in the Status bar, that means it’s processed natively, right?