ExtraInfo v0.0.8

This addon show you the real vertex conter (read description Real Vertex Counter Addon ) but seems like it’s not update for 2.8 (more than 2 years from last update). Can you add this feature?

yes, it is correct.

I could take a look at how this is done, but it is possible that it can not be do, for problems with the performance.

If any more info (cliping view ect) couses performance hit. Dont do that.
Most important is this:

"Is it possible to have the ‘Selected’ number be a different color than the ‘Total’ number? Ex: Tris: 4(blue) / 8(white) "

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Flip region works only when N panel opened with Active tools panel, but when N panel alone, it doesn’t work.

Yes, I have to correct that little mistake, thank you for letting me know.

Yes, I would like to implement the colors as well.

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