Extraterrestial life

Do you believe that there is life on other planets in the universe besides earth?

Just curious to see what the members here think.A survey by National Geographic.

Any other thoughts about the subject would be welcome as well! :slight_smile:

I think there is life on other planets, it’s just that it’s in the form of bacteria.

Why does it have to be “just bacteria”? It could be life parallel to our own, or even more advanced. The universe has been around for a very, very, very long time before we came around, and that is a lot of time for a whole set of things to develop. Things that we (as the infants we are today) would never have knowledge of occuring. Looking at the universe as a whole, we just barelly started.

The mathematical probability states “yes” in every scenario. There is a massive number of planets, star systems and galaxies out there. Thinking that we are somehow the only special case in the entire universe (billions of galaxies) would be quite naive.

yes, there is

What Social said.

Mebbe. Mebbe not. I’ll worry about it when it happens.

It seems quite ridiculous to presume not

There is! And they come for me everynight! :eek: :eek:

No seriously, i strongly beleive there is life dissiminated throught the universe and that some of it is surely intelligent and even older and more advanced than us.

But i strongly doubt that we’ve ever had any “contact” lol In fact they probably have the same questions, like “are we alone” and “have we been visited” etc.

Our universe is massive, there has to be some planet with intelligent life…

Well I believe there is… and to quote from a movie “If there isn’t, then its an awful waste of space.”

There has to be, think of the size of the universe compared to our puny earth, think of the somber of galaxies, thinik of the number of solar systems, think of the number of planets, and therfore the chance of there being life, there absolutely has to be…


The odds for life on a planet are low, but the universe is quite big so the odds of there being life are increased.
The problem is tha we don’t know what the odds are, because we don’t know any other form of life than that of our planet (Carbon-based life. I think it’s possible to make life with Sulfur as well, but I’m not sure).
At any rate, given the size of the universe, the odds are low we will encounter alien life one day. Suppose they can travel at speeds which make the speed of light seem ridiculously low, they still have to be able to find us in betwene all those solar systems and planets out there…

Do you think that it might be possible for the universe itself to be alive, and all life (as we know it or not) is part of that whole?

I won’t believe in life on other planets unless there’s concrete evidence that’s credible there is life on other planets.

I’m coming from a more religious perspective in that our Bible doesn’t mention anything about life on other planets.

Lol, wrong thread, wrong forum.

Well it’s true it doesn’t mention life on other planets. Why would it not say that.

The Bible was written from the point of view “the earth is the centre of the universe. It is flat. Under it, is hell. Above it are the other planets, the sun and heaven.”
The people who wrote the Bible had quite a limited point of view (in sciences at least, so no offense), so take that into account.

has anyone heard of how some art reflecting that time period (biblical) have “flying saucers” in them? i think the people analysing the art might be crazy, but from a mathematical standpoint, there must be life out there, in some form or another. in any case, it’ll be quite difficult for us to really find out. even if we see a UFO through a telescope, and there are windows on it with aliens waving back at us, it’s still taking several years for that light and information to reach us, so with our luck, that entire race might already be dead. then again, the universe has a long way to go before all the stars have died, so i think it’s inevitable for some descendant of mankind to meet up with an extraterrestial life form.

The book of Genesis states “in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” This means space itself, it also states he created what the bible calls the lesser lights to govern the night. This would mean the stars and probably back then would also mention the planets. Meaning if he created them then either ET does not exist or the bible just didn’t mention it which the latter has not been proven true.

Trying not to get religious here because that is a no no, but do you suppose that when the bible was written mankind was not prepared to look at the universe as “alive” ? It would be kind of difficult to explain even simple things
like a pentium back then.