Extraterrestial lifeforms

I had a dream, in it I was told that alien lifeforms were microscopic and that
they were living inside us already…(not really but it sure sounds good for an intro to an abstract piece…) :smiley: made purely in Blender no post-processing , all comments are welcome.


That is cool!
Love the colors and the feeling of the whole picture. And there is a good contrast between the sharp and the blurry part of the picture, good job!

Cool but I think the halos (?) go too much overbright (I’d use less alpha so the effect would be more subtle) and the image loses details.

Cool pic. Very artistic with that overload of glow.

This is very nice. Great abstract! I really like your use of colors. Could you write up a quick “Making Of?”



thanx Kjartan , yfkar., Roger, and .:Tr@ceR:. for the comments :slight_smile:

Alright here’s quicky on how i did this experimental piece;

1)Created the models from cubes subdivided/then extruded the tentacles
Sub-surf etc.

2)This was the hardest part trying to get a material/texture to look the way it does, for this effect I used 2 versions of musgrave the one included in blender and the one that you can download over at Blender3d.org.

3)I used the particle effects for the super glowy effect with halos as material.

4)I also used 11 lights placed sparingly across the scene set to about 5.85.

Here’s the settings for the materials, textures, and particle effects.


Hey man, that’s really really cool. I’m a noob and can’t think of how to even begin something like that. If you’ve got a few spare processor cycles, can you make a 1152x864 render that I could use for a desktop wallpaper? Or do you mind posting the .blend so I can render it? Good work, really neat shades of blue.

Thanx LordofOhio and don’t get discouraged everyone who’s used Blender has been a noob at one point in time even it’s creators.

It’s wierd I tried rendering at 1152x864 and Blender crashes(tried it twice b4 giving up yeah am that stuborn lol) so i rendered it at 1280X1024 and it works fine. So If you want a different size take it to your favorite image manipulation app and resize it to your liking.

Anyways who ever wants to dload this is free to do so, for private use only do not alter any parts of it, (like am gonna stop you…if you do go against my terms and happen to make money out of this at least contribute some of your earnings to a noble cause like The Blender foundation, or help abused pets, or feed the hungry you know what i mean… ) :smiley: