Extreamly odd framerate issue

ok i have a scene in blender i have 6 scripts and 8 meshes, none of the scripts are generating errors, and when i first made the file it ran at 60 fps, after saving the file and reopening it (without anychanges) it runs at 15 fps, i know its not my pc (3.4gh PentiumD, 2G of RAM @ 667mh, Dual Nvidia 7950 GT extreme editions) but befor saving there is barly any Overhead in the framerate and profile display at the top but after saving and reopening it the is 95% overhead, y the huge jump

Sounds like a memory leak issue. Check your scripts for possible leaks.

ummm… i do that how

i sure know its not my 2x quad core xeon, or my 20 gb of ram, or my 3000$ nvidea quad core card, or my lexus that parerel parks its self,

dude you lost me, how do i find out if its a memory leak

yeah how do you? id like to know because im getting really seriously into python…

you said one of the scripts is giving error that can hit your FPS aswell as printing stuff to the console window.

no , i siad none of the scripts are generating any errors

If it was memory leak it would propably just crash when it ran out of memory. You can monitor memory usage from task manager (ctrl-alt-del) in WinXp. Maybe it’s Nvidia driver issue like this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=111143
Have you updated your drivers lately?

i found the problem, in blender make sure none of the debug imfo is on screen, for some reson it creates a framerate issue on my pc… odd but yea, and then turn on “Enable all Frames” and boom 60 fps, 93% rasturizer, rather odd

yea, I’ve been having that exact same problem, I’ve been band aiding by adding a GameLogic.setLogicTicRate(60) script.every time overhead jumps I change the value slightly (like to 59 or 57) and it should kick back in. This is only temporary and I have no idea how this glitch might effect .exe files.