Extreme Beginner Question - Colours

Hi all!

I am an extreme beginner. Currently making my way through Blender Guru’s beginner tutorial. :sweat_smile:

This is just a simple question but I was wondering why when I am in object mode, the colour shows up in my donut? From what I could see usually most people would be unable to see the colour unless in material mode or render mode but for some reason I can see the donut and not the cup.

Thank you for all help. Its not exactly an issue and doesn’t prevent me from doing anything but I am just wondering if I should worry or what I have turned on to make it happen?

PS: YES I know it is a terrible first attempt. Check out that bumpy, sharp donut right? Haha.

I hope this is the right place to post too! Please let me now if not.

Thank you,


I did spheres for a long time when I was an extreme beginner, you are almost there.

Maybe post the whole screen shot along with your “shading” tab in the N panel, so that the viewport context is a bit more clear to us.

You can set the color for Solid Viewport Shading for in the Material Settings tab towards the bottom under the Viewport section. It won’t have any effect on other shading modes, it’s just handy to help identify different materials while in the Solid Viewport Shading mode.

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