Extreme Freerunning: Feedback and help wanted

The Basic Idea:

The game takes place in the future where humans have created artificial limbs which allow feats that a normal human is incapable of. Mechanical legs allow users to reach incredible speeds and even run up the sides of buildings.

Setting: the game takes place in a giant floating city. The graphic will be pretty simplistic and maybe with bright colors. If you fall of the city you can maybe survive by running up a building but if you fall you die. I am playing with the idea that buildi could be destructive. Hit a building with a giant wrecking ball and it will crack cleanly in half and the top will fall off.

Fighting: the only weapons in the game will be melee. Projectiles with such high speed movements wouldn’t work so well. Some possible weapons could be, giant wrecking balls, chains, swords, hammers, etc.

The game I’ll mainly revolve around tournaments in a floating city. Some possible game modes could be:

Capture the Flag: there are 2 teams and each one has a flag. The aim is to get the enemies flag back to your base.

Race: 1 on 1 race to a set finish line. No weapons in this mode just running.

On the Edge: every man (or woman) for himself. If you fall off you are dead and do not respawn. Last one standing wins.

What I can do

I have some basic experience in blender and can do a decent amount of modeling.

What I need
Some one who is good at BGE and scripting.
A concept artist
Another animator /modeler
A good story(I am perfectly fine with changing the current one)

I don’t think there is any way I can accomplish this on my own.

Also I am not sure wether to have the game be multiplayer or have a Strory? Multiplayer would require a lot of work but then again single player requires AI

Im not here to help but this sounds promising, mirrors edge for the future? Hope it turns out well.

Well I don’ really think much is going to happen if I don’t get a LOT of help.

Another thing I was considering was melee elements except with a kind of twist. Instead of skills players have parts of the body. Brain, arms.
Brain would highlight useful parts of terrain and higher levels would make you land in the best zone and maybe other stuff
Arms: would increase the speed you can pull your self up ledges and handheld melee weapons would do more damage.
Legs: speed and wall running, kicking

What is this going to be sort of like a GTA free roam game.

Well not like GTA at all in my opinion. Way more structured much less free massacre. It will be more like team battles. Things like deathwatch Capture the flag. So any help out there?

Oh ok this sounds cool but why would you be destroying buildings and what is the fighting about do you have any sort of story line setup at all yet.

On the destruction part, creating destructible walls and structures is possible in the BGE using a bit of python and smart optimization techniques like setting states on objects fetched by attributes such as hitObject to make it run fast. You might need to pre-fracture the model or create modular components depending on which technique you choose.

Doing this for an entire city however, even with the best optimization, would at least require a lot of work putting together if you want all the buildings to be unique.

You have a point there. But maybe if we had smaller cities. But tail l.
Anyway here’s an idea

People have their motorized legs connected to the thick pad of nerves in the tips of their fingers. On their wrists there is a watch like thing which records all the data about a persons mechanical limbs a.k.a high scores, fastest time,longest jump, etc. This watch is like the nerve center of the limbs there by making It a vital target for enimes instead of the head.