Extreme help needed???

I’m a new guy using blender…
It’s not even a month since I started learning blender…but I’ve got nothing…:frowning:
I cant even afford books…cuz I dont have the money…:mad:
So can some1 help me plz…:confused:

I remember the first time I used blender. The UI looks like something out of a spaceship and there is so much going on it’s just hard to know where to start. So, there are people who have made tutorials just for people like u! U don’t need to go buy any books, just check out these websites and they will sure to help u be on your way to learning anything u want to know about blender :slight_smile: here they r:
Blendercookie.com, blenderguru.com, YouTube (just search something like blender tutorial: the basics) and also check on this forum in the tutorials section. There r lots of really helpful tutorials on here for anyone to use, for free too! So go for it and If u have questions about something, u can ask me :wink: iv gotten very good with blende in only 2 years. Good luck.

Also just reading the blender manual starting in the order it’s presented can work. However, if you’re using 2.5x (which I suggest you do, because there’s not much point in jumping into learning an older version just when a newer version with lots of improvements is has become available) the manual is missing quite a few sections at the moment. However, most of them are for the more advanced topics and most of the basics are covered.

!! Remember that the link to the Wiki Manual on blender.org currently links to the 2.4x version of blender. I can see this potentially being very confusing for a new user who just dled a fresh copy of 2.57b and wonders why his interface looks so much different than in the manual. Follow this link to the 2.5x manual.

Reading the 2.4x manual can give you a good idea of what blender is capable of too, just don’t expect all of it to apply directly to 2.5x.

You’ll get your head around it. Take things one at a time.

Edit: I also want to add, don’t expect to fully understand all the terminology or the meaning of every statement as you read the manual in order. It tries to present everything from the ground up, as a manual should, but it can’t possibly cover everything prerequisite to every topic before that topic. Just keep in mind what you’ve read, and reading on will eventually make sense of it. The hardest part about learning a program as powerful as blender, imo, is forming the overarching concepts of how it works. Remember: if you’re reading ANYTHING about blender, you aren’t wasting your time.