Extreme low poly flight sim asset.


Sketchfab model of a British truck. An AEC Gun Tractor from 1939.
Blender, Gimp and a lot of reference photos.
Only 205 triangles, but Sketchfab can show textures on both sides.



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Ah nice! Looks great, not a whole lot of critique. It does seem a bit saturated with color for a military vehicle though.


Good point. I should make a fixed lighting set-up to get some idea of how the colours will turn out. Any suggestions on that?
This truck going to be used in a flight simulator game soon.
All for the fun of making stuff and Free XP points and the eternal bragging rights.:slight_smile:

(You have got an awesome portofolio!)

Change the color to olive drab. That’s a military green color. With today’s powerful hardware, I think you don’t have to make very low poly?

For mobile games?

It’s just stuff that’s mostly in the way or to be targeted from far away.