Extreme Newbie

I hope someone can help.
Is there a way to default back to the Panels view.
I was re-arranging the Panels and now I have lost the Materials Panel.
Can anyone help?
Curious Newbie gone wrong

Hmm, I wonder. You might’ve just panned up or down in the view. Right click the view and select “horizontal”, assuming you’re the in buttons window. If you are not in buttons window, you can press shift+F7 to change the window type into the buttons window. But if you mean that you lost the entire window, select one window and press shift+F7, then F5 to go to the materials. Then again, you might also mean that you accidentally moved one of the panels (panels are inside windows, those things that contain the buttons) inside another panel. Then you can just grab it from its name and pull it out of the other panel.

This should be in the support section of the forum, interface and stuff.

^like he said… am too slow i guess… lol…

Possibally right click the background of the panel window and click to arange the panels horizonally… then everything should be back in place… at least i think that is what your problem is…